Friday, July 12, 2013

Parole dipinte (1940-2009)

Director: Luciano Emmer (often with Enrico Gras and Tatiana Grauding as co-directors)
Label:  Cineteca di Bologna (2010)
Format: DVD / PAL / Region 2
Audio: Italian (Dolby Digital 2.0 mono)
Subtitles: Italian, English, French

* Racconto da un affresco (1940-1946)
* Paradiso terrestre (1941-1946)
* Cantico delle creature (1943)
* Guerrieri (1943)
* Destino d'amore, ovvero, Piccolo mondo al platino (1942)
* I fratelli miracolosi (1949)
* L'invenzione della croce (1948)
* L'allegoria della primavera (1948)
* La leggenda di Sant'Orsola (1948, French version also included)
* Isole nella laguna (1948)
* Romantici a Venezia (1948, French version also included)
* Goya. La festa di Sant'Isidoro / I disastri della guerra (1950)
* Leonardo Da Vinci (1952)
* La sublime fatica (1966)
* Il dramma di Cristo narrato da Giotto (1966, French version also included)
* Incontrare Picasso (1954-2000)
* Nostalgie (2001, French version only)
* I magici colori di Napoli (2004)
* La paz y la guerra (2009)
* Le carceri di invenzione (2009)

* Interview with composer Roman Vlad (16 minutes, with English and French subtitles)
* Scherzo su Giotto by enrico ghezzi and Luciano Emmer (5 minutes, with English and French subtitles)
* Passeggiate con Luciano (12 minutes, with English and French subtitles)
* 52 page Italian/French booklet

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What are these films about?
Perhaps today Luciano Emmer is best known for a fistful of comedies shot in the '50s, but in his career he actually worked mainly in non-fictional cinema (educational shorts, spots, TV). His documentaries on art, in particular, represent his most accomplished works and are known to have inspired Alain Resnais' early films. In this wonderful 6-hour boxset Cineteca di Bologna has collected 20 shorts, ranging from Emmer's first attempts to his most recent videos. Notable appearances by Jean Cocteau (La leggenda di Sant'Orsola and Romantici a Venezia) and Picasso (Incontrare Picasso).

...if you want to get in touch with one of Italian greatest documentary filmmakers.

Racconto da un affresco, 1940-1946

Romantici a Venezia, 1948

Incontrare Picasso, 1954-2000

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