Thursday, December 11, 2014

Titanus. Family Diary of Italian Cinema

I am glad to report that the Titanus Retrospective for the Locarno Film Festival has been a real hit, and our bilingual book, Titanus. Family Diary of Italian cinema, has been warmly greeted both by press and public. Anyone interested can buy his own copy on
The book covers Italian cinema evolution from 1904 to 2014, ranging from early silent cinema to post-modern television, featuring original essays, interviews and production papers. Despite being focused on Italian most important major company, we have chosen an auterist perspective, investigating how directors' and producers' contributions melt together during the 1945-1964 golden age of Italian cinema.

Carlo Chatrian talks about our book on MUBI.

Some highlights from the book:
* Neapolitan silents
* Matarazzo's melodramas
* Mastro5's revue films and musical extravaganzas
* Risi and Comencini's early comedies
* Tourneur and Corbucci's peplums
* Ava Gardner's Italian films
* nouvelle vague Italian style (Olmi, Zurlini, Petri)
* confessions of Visconti's editor
* Aldrich's Sodom and Gomorrah backstory
* De Santis on The Wolves director's cut
* memo from producer Goffredo Lombardo
* unfilmed projects
* 150+ photos
* essays by Roberto Turigliatto, Simone Starace, Bernard Eisenschitz, Sergio Toffetti, Sergio M. Germani, Miguel Marías, Chris Fujiwara, Olaf Möller, Jean Douchet, Stefania Parigi.

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  1. Didn't knew about cinemas of Italy. I could not explore these faces of Italy from the Italy Travel Video.