Thursday, October 22, 2015

Assunta Spina (1915)

Director: Gustavo Serena
Starring: Francesca Bertini, Gustavo Serena, Carlo Benetti
Label:  Cineteca di Bologna (2015)
Format: DVD / PAL / Region 2
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
Subtitles: Italian, English

* Interview with film historian Vittorio Martinelli (6 minutes, with English subtitles)
* 1912 short, Tempestuous Love (21 minutes, with English subtitles)
* 1912 short, The Fascination of Violence (13 minutes, with English subtitles)
* Photogallery
* 32 page bilingual booklet

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What's the film about?
The tragic story of a beatiful girl of the people, torn between the love of two men. Adapted by a popular drama by Salvatore Di Giacomo, Assunta Spina is widely recognized as one of the most important Italian silents, both for its appeal as a major example of the Diva-film genre as well as for its early realistic features. This DVD presents the film in the Bologna 1993 restoration, alongside with two more Neapolitan melodramas from the 1910s.



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